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A few key tools for your kitchen

A few key tools for your kitchen

I am often asked by my students what gadgets or tools I use and find indispensable in the kitchen. I am not a gadget person and find myself very satisfied with my food processor, immersion blender, juicer and standard blender. That’s about it for me in the gadget department but tools are another story. I believe that any profession is made easier with the proper tools, so here are a few of my favorites.

I love my lemon juicer which is used by halving a lemon and placing it cut side down in the opening and closing the two sides together over a bowl. Perfect for limes as well. They carry one for limes and oranges if you are in the market.

My favorite pepper mill is made by a company called Pepper Mate. This is the best pepper mill for everyday kitchen use. It is easy to fill and you grind the pepper into a wide plastic bottom for easy measuring and keeping things neat. For the table I often use a more elegant pepper mill but for your kitchen this one is my pick.

I also adore a micro plane for all your grating and zesting needs. I use orange, lemon and lime zest on a regular basis and this tool is the perfect thing for fine zest. I sometimes like finely grated cheese in a recipe which is when I use the microplane as well. Some people use it for ginger which is your choice, I prefer finely minced ginger, done with a chef’s knife. 

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