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Adding Punch to Your Vegetables

Adding Punch to Your Vegetables

Vegetables are easily the healthiest thing you can eat, but even the most ardent vegetable-lover can get tired of salads and raw vegetables day after day. I personally love leftover sautéed vegetables that are left out for about an hour as a quick lunch. Drizzled with tahini, yogurt or classic vinaigrette elevates the simplest dish and is so yummy. Opt for any of these healthy additions to your next vegetable side or snack, and remember you can eat vegetables at room temperature.

Add Citrus

Citrus like lime, orange and lemon adds “wow” flavor to dishes like pasta and protein. But they’re to often passed over when it comes to vegetable dishes, even though that tart flavor can bring out most vegetables natural flavor. Simply squeeze a fresh lemon or lime over cooked veggies like carrots, broccoli, cauliflower and asparagus, or mix in the zest.

Mix With Nuts

Vegetables are healthy and even better when you throw in some chopped nuts. I often add toasted pine nuts, almonds or walnuts to stir fries or sautéed vegetables for an extra crunch and boost of heart healthy vitamins. Opt for sliced nuts, added to rice dishes, salads and vegetables and remember toasting nuts in a dry skillet brings out all the flavor.


If you’re steaming vegetables, add spices such as homemade curry, garam masala or red pepper flakes for a new twist on the flavor you’ve come to expect. Experiment to find out how much or how little gets the combination just right for your palate. I recommend blanching vegetables first in salted boiling water, drain and then stir fry in a little avocado or coconut oil for a delicious flavor and added addition of healthy fat.

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