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Indian Ingredients and Spices

Indian Ingredients and Spices

I love Indian cuisine and teach many classes that encompass curries, chutneys, side dishes with paneer and delicious breads. Students often ask me where to shop for the ingredients as this is the key to authentic Indian food.
In the triangle we have a number of well stocked Indian markets with everything you need for your next dinner. Be sure to try a few of them before you decide which one suits you. Both Cary and Morrisville are home to a large population of Indian people so there are markets galore. Here I am speaking about Durham specifically but be sure to look online for Indian markets in both towns, you will be amazed at the quality and choices you will find.

Here are a few of my favorites in Durham plus a quick recipe for homemade curry powder.

Spice Bazaar
4125 Durham-Chapel Hill Blvd.

Little India
4201 University Drive

Around the World Market
1708 E Highway 54

Curry powder should always be homemade and can be adjusted according to taste here is a quick and easy recipe.

2 tablespoons whole cumin seeds, toasted

2 tablespoons whole cardamom seeds, toasted

2 tablespoons whole coriander seeds, toasted

2 tablespoons yellow mustard seeds, toasted

1/4 cup ground turmeric

1 teaspoon cayenne

Combine the seeds in a spice grinder and grind to a powder. Mix in the turmeric and cayenne and store in a glass jar.

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