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M Sushi

M Sushi

You must know that my last meal on this earth will be sushi if I have anything to do with it and my husband as well, so we are HUGE sushi fanatics. We have eaten more raw fish than all the cooked food we have shared over the fifteen years we have been together and that just shows you how much we love it. After living in LA, NY and Miami we have had some amazing sushi, sashimi and cooked Japanese food. That said we have been looking forward to trying this new super hip sushi place in downtown Durham for a while and I finally had the chance to have lunch there last week. The fish was amazing, very fresh and clean and simply presented. The portions are ample and there are just enough choices to make everyone happy. My opinion is it’s a bit over-priced and the atmosphere is quite stark and almost grim. The place is very dark, with gray walls and a dark floor. Low ceilings, as it’s in the basement of a building, and it could use a little color or art to give it a cozier vibe. I think for dinner the cost would be double what I spent for lunch and at $30 for a decent amount of food but not really enough I think I will save this for a special occasion.

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