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Private Chef


Private Chef

I lived in Manhattan for twenty years and cooked privately for clients in their home, beginning with a wonderful couple in Manhattan (both CEO’s for fashion magazines) and including a number of single professionals. They often commented that my food was “delicious, yet light and healthy”. I was recruited by a head hunter as the private chef to the CEO of American Express at their summer home in upstate Connecticut. As their chef, I planned the menus, shopped for ingredients and prepared all their meals including elegant dinner parties for guests such as; Henry Kissinger, Tom Brokaw and Ronald Perlman.

I provide three options for weekly dinners. I cook in your kitchen a few times a week and prepare the meals you chose after an initial assessment of you and your families needs.  Meals are stored and labeled for easy re-heating and meals can also be prepared for the freezer, if desired. Delicious, organic, healthy menus are custom made for you and your family. Menus span the globe such as Thai, Vietnamese, Moroccan and Indian. The charge for this service is $75 an hour with a four hour minimum, plus food cost and one time charge for containers. This charge includes four entrees and four sides. I will plan the menus, shop, prepare the food and clean up. You will be left with a clean kitchen and a full refrigerator. Travel charges apply to areas outside of Durham.

Option two; I cook your meals in my kitchen and you can pick them up once a week or I can drop them off at your office or home with a small service charge. Each meal serves two to four and provides a vegetarian or lean protein option ( chicken and fish are predominant) and two sides. You can request no carbs if preferred. The meals are packaged in re-usable microwave safe containers. This service is $75 an hour plus food cost. There is a four hour minimum which includes four entrees and four sides. There is a one time charge for the containers which are yours to keep.

Option three; we cook the weekly meals together either at your place or mine and you take all the food home with you. Many people enjoy this as they plan their own menu and participate in the prep and cooking. It is a class/meal service all in one. I charge a flat rate for that which considers how many we are cooking for and where we chose to cook. Contact me for more information;

For custom private dinner parties I will cook the food at your place or mine, whichever suits you and can serve up to fifty people. I have staff to serve and clean up and have experience in preparing meals with dietary concerns in mind such as gluten intolerance, vegan, Whole30, paleo and dairy free.

Contact me to plan the details of your next event or weekly meal service.

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