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Yummy Korean off Highway 54

Yummy Korean off Highway 54

There is a delicious Korean off highway 54 in Durham that is a super place for a rice bowl or BBQ Korean style lunch. This restaurant is in a strip mall and is right next to a Korean supermarket. The menu is focused heavily on hot pot- a large soup with noodles, a variety of meats, tofu and vegetables. All the entrees come with a selection of pickled sides such as kimchi, pickled vegetables and very spicy sauces made with chilies and garlic. I love their Bibimbop which is essentially a rice bowl with meat or tofu, shredded vegetables and a fried egg on top. Then you add all your pickled condiments and sauce and it’s delicious.
There have a lunch special menu that is primarily a number of bento boxes with BBQ, salad, and a dumpling. All boxes are about $12.
Fun for a quick lunch or casual dinner spot.

Vit Goal Korean Restaurant 
2107 Allendown Dr. Unit #101A
Durham, NC 27713

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